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France Poker Series Season 4

PokerStars is proud to present Season 4 of the France Poker Series (FPS) - Franceís No.1 live poker experience. Building on the runaway success of the previous three seasons, Season 4 promises to be even bigger and better, and kicks off with a trip to the glamorous, sun-kissed principality of Monaco!
France Poker Series Season 4

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Ok so what is a Poker Satellite?

A satellite poker tournament is a way poker players can qualify and win a seat/package to prestige poker tournaments around the world. For example satellite poker tournaments are very common when the main event has a large buy-in that many people canít afford.

The poker rooms buy seats and then will hold smaller low cost buyin tournaments where you can compete against other poker players to win your seat/package into a bigger buy-in poker tournament.

It allows the recreational or the up and coming poker players who believe that they have the skill and talent to play in these big events but cannot afford the initial large buy-in.

They will play a poker satellite tourney to try and qualify and win a seat/package to a larger buy-in poker tournament whilst only spending a minimal amount of money.

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