What is a Satellite

A poker satellite is a low buy-in poker tournament that awards poker seat an entry to a higher buy-in poker tournament.

If you don’t have the means to afford the buy-in of a big poker tournament, then follow what others are doing, satellite-in. At least this way, you don’t spend too much to get in. Let’s just hope you actually come out as a winner of the satellite poker event.

Sometimes the buy-in for poker tournaments is quite expensive and not all poker players can afford it. For example, the buy-in for a coming poker competition is $5000 and poor old Pete can’t afford it, but he believes he has the talent and skills to join the tournament. So, there’s the satellite tournament where ten poker players wishing to join the competition all sit and take each other down. The satellite joining fee is only $500 to be able to get into the tour with a buy-in of $5000.

There are also types of poker tournaments called “steps” where you can start very small and move up levels until you reach the main event. Using steps poker tournament satellites, you can get entry to $10,000 for as little as $5.